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Permanent life insurance products such as whole life and universal are used in most insurance planning strategies. These include income replacement, estate planning, retirement planning, charitable giving and business succession.

But finding personalized life insurance solutions to sophisticated planning questions on the Internet is no easy task. 

Lifester's free Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows you to initiate a Project, state your objectives, find an insurance agent, and share the final project with your own team of family, friends and advisors for online feedback.

Rethink life insurance [buying] by starting your own Lifester Project today.


In this eGuide, you'll learn:


  • How you can play an active role in choosing the right life insurance agent for you.
  • How to create dynamic projects instead of static proposals that you can share with family, friends and advisors.

  • The importance of idea sourcing and team collaboration to gather critical feedback before you buy.

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